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12 Surprising Black Friday Shopping Facts


America’s big ‘holiday’ is right around the corner: Black Friday! For many Americans, Black Friday represents savings galore, for others, it’s a day to frantically avoid. Whether you are a fan of Black Friday or not, these 12 facts may surprise you! 

The Average Black Friday Shopper Spends $403

How much do you spend while out on Black Friday? For many, this is the biggest shopping day of the year. No matter what type of shopper you are - the average shopper tends to spend $403 on that day. 

One Third of Online Shoppers Make Purchases with a Mobile Phone

On Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day, consumers are using smartphones more and more to make purchases. In 2015, a record 22 percent of online sales were made on mobile phones. On Black Friday, shopping on mobile phones brought in $583 million in sales, and on Thanksgiving Day, mobile sales generated a record $639 million.

Shopping at Brick and Mortar Stores is Declining

In-store shopping on Black Friday fell from $11.6 billion in 2014 to $10.4 billion in 2015. On the other hand, online shoppers spent $4 billion on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day, a 14 percent increase from last year. As online shopping and Cyber Monday continues to grow in popularity, this could be trend that we see in years to come.

47 Percent of Shoppers Plan to Skip Black Friday This Year

It turns out that many people would rather skip the chaos and stay home this Black Friday. As other deal days like Amazon Prime Day gain popularity, people are doing a lot of their shopping outside of the holiday season.

18-29 Year Olds are More Likely to Shop in Store on Black Friday

For many, this statistic isn’t completely a surprise. Over the years, Black Friday has moved from moms and family members to predominately a millennial shopping day (with the addition of online shopping).

38% of Black Friday Shoppers Pay in Cash

When looking to join in on the chaos that is guaranteed to occur on Black Friday, it is a common misconception to assume that most people would pay with a credit or debit card based on convenience, but boy is that not the case! Today, almost 38% of Black Friday shoppers pay with cash for their purchases.

Almost 60% of Moms will Shop in Stores

With the convenience of the internet and Cyber Monday, you may be shocked to find out that 60% of moms still choose to shop in stores on Black Friday rather than online!

Men are More Likely to Shop on Black Friday than Women

This specific statistic may come as a complete shock to many, nonetheless it is true - men are more likely to shop on Black Friday than women. With doorbusters galore, men are more likely to wait in line for that special item on sale. 

21% of Shoppers Say they Have Never Missed a Black Friday

Do you shop Black Friday each year? How many years have you missed? For 21% of you, you never have missed a Black Friday! Regardless of Cyber Monday gaining more and more attraction each year, Americans are still dedicated to taking advantage of sales in store.

1 in 5 Shoppers Will Wait in Line for However Long it Takes

When the list is revealed and stores have let the public know what sales will be taking place, 1 in 5 shoppers will wait in line for those specific items no matter the time frame.

Apparel is the Most Popular Category on Black Friday

What is your go-to item or category on Black Friday? Is it electronics or do you prefer to shop for apparel? No matter what your favorite category may be, most Americans prefer to purchase apparel on Black Friday each year. 

60% of Millennials Shop on Their Phones While Standing in Line

Would you shop via mobile while standing in line on Black Friday? Millennials would! As online shopping continues to change the way we find and buy our favorite products, it comes as no surprise that 60% of millennials shop while stationary on Black Friday.

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